Sean Dubois Skincare For Men

Back-To-Basics Bundle


Take your skincare routine to the next level by going back to basics.

Every day, your skin is exposed to environmental toxins and airborne pollutants. Consider this 2-step skincare system your personal coat of armor. This incredible pair of products come together to cleanse and hydrate skin like never before, leaving you with a healthy complexion that everyone will notice. When used twice a day, this combination system effectively hydrates, rejuvenates, and protects your face from future damage. Upgrading your skincare routine is as easy as adopting the Bare Necessities Bundle into your daily routine.

The Back To Basics Bundle Includes:

 AHA/BHA Skin Renewal Exfoliating Cleanser - Dull skin is no match for this incredible cleanser. A blend of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Jojoba Beads remove dead skin cells so that healthy ones can effortlessly take their place. Along with incredible exfoliating properties, it also gently diminishes the appearance of pores so that skin looks smoother, healthier, and more attractive. Even acne and ingrown hairs are no match for this comprehensive cleanser.

Hydro-Lock Moisturizing Cream - This moisturizer’s exceptionally lightweight formula allows it to lock-in moisture without ever clogging your pores. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera work together to nourish skin and promote cell regeneration. Jojoba Oil also diminishes signs of aging by guarding against free radicals, bacteria, and other environmental pollutants. The result is younger-looking skin that is healthy, smooth, and ultra-hydrated.