The Sean Dubois story starts with our founder, Darius, spending time in Kuwait as a U.S. Army Infantryman. During his deployment, he realized that having no skincare routine just didn’t cut it in that type of climate.

He decided to start using some big brand products but was never totally satisfied with the harsh chemicals that they contained. At this time, Darius dreamed of starting his own men’s skincare line. He knew that he couldn’t execute on that plan for some years, but he always had it in the back of his mind.

After his military commitment was completed, Darius got his MBA from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He then decided that it was finally time to follow his entrepreneurial dreams and create a line of products that would modernize the way men think about skincare.

 Darius had another big goal, though. Money is nice and skincare is essential, but he never wanted to have a typical business that just cared about profit. That’s why he has pledged to give back to inner-city youth programs at every step of the way. This was especially important to him because Darius grew up in Carver Homes, the inner-city projects on the Southside of Atlanta, GA. He also took part in a program called Youth At Risk, which helped guide him to success.

Darius never forgot that experience, and now that he has a growing skincare business, he is committed to returning the favor. One of the most significant moves he has made is giving a portion of every sale to youth programs. Darius wants to give as many kids as possible the chance at a prosperous life. Sean Dubois is his vehicle for making that happen.


At Sean Dubois Skincare For Men, our focus is providing natural, safe, premium-quality skincare products for men of all distinctions. Whether you’re white-collar, blue-collar, or something in between, we will take care of the canvas that is your face.

One of our defining characteristics is being a brand built for men. The reason why is that women have an array of skincare products to choose from. Men, on the other hand, have limited choices. Our goal is to deliver the perfect solution to them.

We also realized that men seem to have a blind spot about their skin. They focus on clothing, haircuts, shoes, and hats… But skincare is almost always missing. This is where our slogan ‘Complete The SWAG’ was born. Our customers have everything else figured out, but they’re lacking in one crucial area.

Our skincare products provide the last piece of that puzzle. The result is a refined, complete man who’s ready to take on anything.