Sean Dubois: Top 3 Reasons Men Do Not Have A Skincare Routine

As men we get it, there has been a misconception that we do not want or need a skincare routine…well, that is not necessarily true.  Here are the Top 3 Reasons why men do not currently have a skincare routine:

  • It Is Not Masculine: Ahhh, the go-to excuse.  Men have been historically conditioned to believe that any type of activity that may be considered ‘not manly’ or ‘metrosexual’ is bad.  NEWS FLASH:  We are no longer cavemen; you can take care of your skin now…we promise you that more of your friends already do it than you know.  There have been a few studies that suggest that women seem to be more attracted to men with healthy-looking skin.  Studies have also shown there may be a direct correlation between earning power and visual attractiveness.  As Deion Sanders says, ‘you look good, you get paid good’.
  • I Don’t Have Time: The interesting thing about this excuse is that with Sean Dubois Skincare For Men, you do not increase the time you normally use to cleanse your face….you just improve the effectiveness of what you already do.  One minute and you are done.  As men, we get discouraged by thinking of all the products women use regularly.  We understand, and we do not want those problems either.  That is why our line is streamlined to only take a minute to apply.
  • Men Don’t Want To Shop For It: The thought of going to a mall or skincare store to purchase products is not one of the top things most men want to do.  Our lives are already hectic, so taking additional time to figure out what cleanser we need is not appealing.  Understanding that, Sean Dubois has strategically put together a line for which you do not have to think about what to purchase.  Purchase the Clean Canvas Collection…..Set It and Forget It.  You are good to go; that simple.

If you or someone you know has used or currently uses these excuses to not properly take care of themselves, try Sean Dubois Skincare For Men (  Our products have natural/organic ingredients, are fragrance-free, and are effective in getting you to a Clean Canvas.  Visit our website and check out the reviews for yourself.